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What Are Dental Amalgams?

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Modern dentistry is amazing at what it can do, but dental amalgams have been a dental practice for centuries. Dentists have invented many methods of fixing teeth and managing dental problems, but the dental amalgam is still used today.

The basic composition of a dental amalgam is simple enough, using basic metals to ensure that a tooth is filled and that problems won't come up in the future. Some questions have been brought up about the materials used in an amalgam as being dangerous, but if done correctly, it is an effective and simple way to handle dental problems.

Dental Amalgam Use

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Dental amalgams have been used to repair and fix dental problems for centuries. Have you ever had a need for a dental amalgam before? Dental care these days often keeps our teeth in better condition than in the past, which means you probably have never needed one.

Some areas that do not have access to the same level of dental care still have use for these procedures. While dental amalgams may be old and have been used for awhile, you may still find a real use for them even now. Learn why dental amalgams are used and how they work.

Safety Concerns

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Some materials used in dental amalgams are unsafe. For example, Sweden has banned the use of dental amalgams for a few years now. Some components of making the traditional dental amalgam have some unfortunate consequences, but the major dangers of amalgams, such as mercury, can be replaced and still find a safe use.

Even though a dental amalgam is not better than preventative care guarding against tooth decay, several scenarios may give you a reason to trust your doctor with giving you a dental amalgam. Find out whether or not you would benefit from a dental amalgam or different method. You should also consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist to better understand how a dental amalgams will affect the appearance of your smile.