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A Visit to the Dentist Could Save Your Life

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We all know that a visit to the dentist is important in order to keep a beautiful, white smile. Recent research shows that your dental check-ups could prevent serious diseases. The main culprit is periodontitis or gum disease.  Heart Attack Research shows strong links between tooth problems and heart disease. A recent study shows that the same bacteria that cause gum disease have also been found in the coronary arteries of people with heart problems.  Stroke  A ten year study has shown that patients who do not go to...

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3 Dental Conditions That Require Emergency Care

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You only have one set of teeth and gums, so you must make sure to take care of them. Regular visits to your dentist’s office are a given, but don’t overlook the fact that you may require an emergency visit if you develop a serious dental condition. Although your general dentist may be off duty after hours, an emergency dentist has open availability and should see you right away. Learn about the conditions that require emergency care as well as tips to implement before you get to the emergency dentist.  Loose Tooth If you have...

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What You Should Know About a Tooth Abscess

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There are many infections you can get in your mouth, with a tooth abscess being one of the most serious. An abscess is an infection in your tooth’s pulp, which is where the blood vessels and nerves are held in the middle of the tooth. If this becomes infected, it causes great pain and can cause more serious complications if not treated. Here is more information about tooth abscesses and the treatment options available. Signs and Symptoms There are a variety of signs and symptoms that are common when you have a tooth abscess. There are...

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What You Need To Know About Palatal Expanders

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If your child has issues with their teeth, their jaw or their bite, your dentist may recommend the use of a palatal expander.  This is a device that is typically installed by an orthodontist, and will cause your child’s actual jaw become wider.  It can be used just on the top jaw, just on the bottom, or both at the same time. This is a fairly modern device that has been shown to be extremely effective in solving issues with overcrowding in children’s mouths. What Does A Palatal Expander Do? A palatal expander is attached...

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How to Conduct a Denture Repair

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Individuals with dentures are given a second chance to have comfort in eating food and confidence to smile once again. However, dentures may be subjects of wear and tear over time. Breakage of dentures may be due to the various chemicals in the mouth that weakens them, or due to the impact caused on the teeth, for example, when they fall. Patients usually are very concerned about the length and repair procedure of broken dentures. This article focuses on patients of denture fractures and explains the procedure that their denture goes through...

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Benefits of a Children’s Dental Clinic in South Adelaide

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Taking your child to the dentist is not always an easy feat, especially if they have a phobia or fear of visiting dentists or any medical professional. Finding a dental clinic in South Adelaide that is ideal for children is one way to help your child ease into the idea of visiting the dentist regularly. Understanding the benefits of a dental clinic that is suitable for children is a way to reduce fear while putting their mind at ease, making the trip less stressful on both your child and you. Paediatric Dentists are Specialists Paediatric...

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The Basics of Denture Development

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In order for a full set of dentures to be made, several visits to the dentist will be necessary. This also includes a waiting period after the teeth have been extracted. However, there is an alternative to the waiting period and even the need for dentures. The following article will discuss the basic procedure in regards to denture development and denture alternatives.  The Development Process Like mentioned before, numerous appointments will be needed, and the waiting period involves a couple of weeks. These appointments will help the...

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3 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments That Could Revamp Your Smile

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Every day, people undergo cosmetic dentistry treatments to revamp their smiles. Cosmetic dentistry can straighten, whiten, or even completely replace damaged teeth. For many people, a smile is the first thing they notice when meeting someone new, so it is no surprise that people are looking for treatments that can keep their smile bright and beautiful. Teeth whitening Teeth that are stained yellow or brown can be a real drain on your confidence. Cosmetic dentists can carry out a quick and painless teeth whitening treatment to remove...

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5 Questions To Ask Your Dentist Before Removing Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth are ‘extra’ teeth that grow at the back end of your upper and lower teeth. Dentists have classified these teeth as not having any functional value when it comes to the health of your mouth, even though they once may have been beneficial. As such, your dentist may recommend that you have your wisdom teeth taken out, but you may be wavering because you’re not sure if there’s any value to the removal. If you’re sitting on the fence regarding this decision, here are five questions to ask your dentist...

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Your One-Stop Guide to Teeth Whitening Options

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Age, medications, foods and drinks may result in tooth stains. Unfortunately, those stains ruin the attractiveness of your smile. Multiple whitening options make it difficult to know which treatment will provide you with the results you want. Here’s a closer look at your teeth whitening options, providing you with the information you need to choose the perfect whitening treatment for a healthy, beautiful smile. Toothpastes and Mouthwashes If you’re worried about cost, toothpastes and mouthwashes are budget-friendly whitening options. However,...

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